High-Speed Tools for Hardcore Individuals

Strider Knives is a privately owned and operated company devoted solely to the development and construction of edged tools designed to survive use in the harshest of conditions.

The company was founded and is currently operated by former military personnel. The initial goal was to provide a field service knife constructed with the finest components available, yet affordable to the average enlisted man and within his maintenance abilities.

The initial goal having been met, Strider Knives found a ready market for custom-edged weapons and tools with the same component quality requirements as the first highly successful field knives. Many of Striders available edged tools are drawn from customer's specific design requirements. Others are simply the company's ability to look at a potential work environment and design a prototype to be tested and assessed by the workers of that environment.

The background of Strider Knives founders enables the company to assess requirements in diverse fields ranging from the average line soldier/marine through special operations, law enforcement and hunting to commercial diving. Various Strider designs have met and exceeded the requirements in each of these fields.


The following testament is more a how and why rather than a single incident, which during this testament there maybe one or two of those.

There are many pieces of equipment a modern Soldier is issued and has to carry, either due to SOP (standard operation procedure), mission, training, experience levels or type of unit they find themselves attached to.

One thing a Soldier can usually count on purchasing themselves is a knife or two.

This is a ritual of sorts, we all don't drive the same cars, so it stands that we all don't want or need the same kind of knife. This is a personal choice, one that may mean the life or death of you or a Brother in-arms.