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I have been carrying a Strider knife regularly since I was introduced to them five years ago. In those five years other edged tools have come across my desk in Special Operations, but none have impressed me as much with their rugged dependability and cutting power as Strider Knives have. In the recent months my unit was looking for an edged tool that would fill the bill for teams tasked with a SOF Peculiar Mission. During the review and contracting process Strider knives was consulted and was asked to make certain changes to an existing model on a small run of knives that would work for what was needed. Not only was it a resounding "YES", but we were promised the full run of the small lot in what could only be termed as a "ridiculously short" amount of time that we had set due to mission constraints. I only wish other things worked this smoothly when trying to get gear through commercial channels. Additionally, as I write this, I currently have a recurve SMF in a belt sheath on my hip, and my field gear sitting across from me has an "AirWing" attached to the MOLLE webbing. Believe it or not troops are always curious as to what the Commander or a SNCO is carrying as gear, since for the most part we sink a lot of our own money into our kit. Hopefully by sending them out with an issued Strider we are imparting to them that we care enough to send them out with what many of us in command carry by choice.

Name Withheld by Request
Air Force Special Operations


My name is CPT Jason Rissler, and I am a US Army Infantry Company Commander serving in Alaska. I have used and collected knives my entire adult life. As all soldiers do, I appreciate quality and durability in all the tools I use on a daily basis in my professional life.

During my second deployment to Iraq as I was laying out the kit I was to use on a upcoming mission and I discovered that I was carrying three knives. A Rob Simonich fixed blade, a folding Spyderco and a Benchmade Auto Stryker. Along with my other kit I was carrying about 65 pounds! Too damn much! As any Infantryman knows, ounces make pounds and I decided I needed a large durable folder. The Spyderco wasn't cutting it, and the Simonich was really too big to be practical for everyday carry.

When re-deployed, I became a Platoon Walker at 4th Ranger Training Brigade, and started my search for a folder that would meet my requirements. I viewed many knives online, but for me, I need to actually hold the knife before making any decisions. About this time the annual BLADE show was in Atlanta, GA, and I attended, excited by the fact I would get to hold and discuss the properties of various knives with their makers, or reps.

I tested several models, and then saw the Strider table nearby. To be honest, I had viewed SMF Striders before, but thought they looked a little bulky, heavy and unwieldy. After picking one up I was very surprised, the knife was lighter and fit very nicely in the front pants pocket and was built with great attention to detail. The size was also the combination I was looking for, large enough to handle occasional prying or other jobs that fine knives aren't always designed for and small enough to carry everyday. After talking to Mick, and hearing of their repair policy - anything forever- I was convinced.

Since then I have carried my SMF everyday. For those who have attended Ranger School, you know that during the two months plus there a knife will see more use that years of everyday carry. I can't count the number of times I allowed Ranger Students to use the knife or used it to cut wire or pry open ammo crates. It has performed beyond my expectations. In a few months I will go on my first Moose hunt and am looking forward to the knife's performance in the wilds of Alaska.

Rangers Lead the Way!
CPT Jason Rissler


Since buying my first Strider, I don't need anything other than more Striders. The rest of my knives waste their days in a drawer, I'd sell 'em, but feel I should have a few to give to our daughter someday.... after all, our son is going to get his father's bad-ass, well used Striders!!!

Happy 15th, and many more.


I like quality guns and good knives and don't spend money on expensive watches. I own several Strider folders and fixed blade knives. I carry a folder on a daily basis when training or just working on my range. I don't have a problem running the O course with it or putting it to use when doing range maintenance, as I know it will be there and it will perform when scuffed up and covered with dirt or mud.

Paul Howe


I have been a firefighter for 10 years. On 7 Feb 2007 I was involved in a warehouse fire in Knoxville, Tennessee as a member of the Knoxville FD. During the massive fire I sustained second and third-degree burns and fell four stories onto a concrete sidewalk, breaking my back and sustaining other injuries.

When my fellow firefighters rushed to my aid, one of them grabbed my Strider AR, which I always carry in my bunker gear, using it to cut my hot, melted and still-melting gear off me. Other firefighters were using their knives, but they just weren’t getting the job done. As soon as that Strider came open, my gear began coming off. My AR cut through everything - leather, bunker-gear material, wire-reinforced canvas straps - in no time flat.

I am convinced that if I not had my Strider AR with me that morning, my injuries at the very least would have been compounded several times over. Arson Investigators estimated that the fire temperatures where I was inside the warehouse exceeded 1000 degrees Farenheit. My Strider knife survived those temperatures, and a four-story fall onto concrete (with 220 pounds of firefighter plus 60 pounds of gear landing on top of it), and still it managed to out-perform all those other knives. Without question, my Strider's bombproof construction and ability to perform under conditions of extreme duress saved me from further injury.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Mick Strider and all the guys at Strider Knives that can never be repaid. Strider Knives are the toughest, best-built, most durable and functional knives I have ever seen or used. If you need a knife that you know for an absolute stone fact will perform where others will fail, buy a Strider. I have trusted and will continue to trust my life to these tools that are turned out by guys who not only care about their product, but care about the people who use them.

FF Jefferson S. Kindrick
9 Engine, Fort Sanders
Knoxville TN


I've carried a Strider for a few years now. I've chosen Strider knives because of the quality of the product, and the men that stand behind it. Their quality is top-notch, with a guarantee that will follow the knife for the rest of its life, regardless of who owns it. My Strider knives have performed most excellently in a variety of situations, locations, and circumstances. On my most recent assignment, I worked in a joint environment and had an opportunity to work with a number of special operations forces. Often, in discussions of gear and equipment, the question would come up of what knife do you carry. I would always show them my Strider knives, both folders and fixed blade, and many would always reply "where can I get one of those?" I never encountered an operator that didn't like my Striders. Some referred to my Strider as the "folding crowbar", obviously referring to its performance with the task they had used it for. Strider knives have served me well, and when I had the opportunity to take a small team on a special mission, I chose to outfit them with a special version of the PAB. Strider knives stepped up to the plate and delivered the knives as promised.

Mick Strider and company are the most generous people that I know. They have given so much, to so many, without asking for anything in return. One-of-a-kinds, team knives, special modifications: all done with the same attention to detail and quality as any of their other knives. For those that serve with me, I often present a Strider knife, and will continue to do so as long as I can afford it, because when it really counts, even with your life, you can depend on a Strider knife.

Name with held for OPSEC reasons
Captain, US Army Special Operations


I use my DB every night at the brick factory I work in (Night shift maintenance). I use it to open sacks of chalk, colour additive, cut compressed air lines and high pressure water-hoses, trim conveyer belts (THICK rubber with reinforcements), strip wire and, oh yeah smash bricks that are jammed in the chains/sprockets and general working of the machines I maintain.

It's cool, and makes my life a hell of alot easier.



The one thing that we all want is quality for our money and service after the sale. Strider Knives provides this in spades, bottom line; they sell a quality product at a fair price and take care of you as if you were family. I am proud to be part of the Strider family; my only regret is I didn't find them sooner.

Gerald Holt
SFC US ARMY (retired)
2nd Bn 75th Inf (Blacksheep) and 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)


The following testament is more a how and why rather than a single incident, which during this testament there maybe one or two of those.

There are many pieces of equipment a modern Soldier is issued and has to carry, either due to SOP (standard operation procedure), mission, training, experience levels or type of unit they find themselves attached to.

One thing a Soldier can usually count on purchasing themselves is a knife or two.

This is a ritual of sorts, we all don't drive the same cars, so it stands that we all don't want or need the same kind of knife. This is a personal choice, one that may mean the life or death of you or a Brother in-arms.

Whether it is a small Swiss Army Knife, or some huge Rambo-looking thing, we all make our choice, back up to September 10, 2001 if you made your choice and it was a not such a good one, no problem, go back to the store and try another.

By the afternoon of September 11, 2001, if you had made your choice and it was wrong and you found yourself a half a world away you were stuck with what you had.

Why a Strider Knife? It's personal, one of those things you have to try to truly believe,
I carried and used a Randall #14 for years, never had one problem with it, how I found Strider Knives was I was looking for a nylon sheath for my Randall #14, saw the type of sheath Mick and Duane were using for their knives and thought if they put this much thought into the sheath, what is the knife like?
So I bought one, a WB, carried and used the heck out of it, once I really started to use it I became more aware of how tough and well thought it is. I used it for things and jobs I would have looked for other tools for if I were still carrying the Randall #14. This is not saying I have less respect for one tool over another; it was because as I used the WB I knew I had not reached its limits yet, where I knew early on what the limits were for the Randall #14.

If someone asks to borrow my knife my response is "as a hammer or screwdriver?", if the answer is no and they have to cut something, I hand them my knife, what comes back is my knife and usually someone asking how to get one like it.
In my eyes I don't think there is a higher compliment, from one Soldier to another, asking how to get a piece of equipment that you have. It is not monkey see, monkey do or copying, it again comes down to choices and survival. Another Soldier has now seen, and used a better piece of gear that he has right now and would like to better his chances of survival by getting a Strider Knife.

There are stories and accounts of Strider knives doing crazy things, handling chores that would damage or destroy other knives. I have not yet reached that level of use.
I have used mine as others use their knives, what differs is that my Strider Knife gets put away ready to go again, others need to be re-sharpened, a chip needs to be taken out of the blade or that bit of rust growing on the hand guard might be going all the way down into the handle, eating into the tang. When I take out to use my knife, I don't have any question whether it will do what I am asking of it. 100% confidence.

Whether it's the Shroud Cutter being used for turning on oxygen bottles while working on casualties, cutting their heavy clothes, belts and boots off to assess and treat them to using either a fixed blade or folder for any of the cutting or prying chores that come up dozens of times a day while deployed I know the knives from Strider Knives will not fail me or the mission.

1SG Dean B.
DUSTOFF Flightmedic, USA


I first began using Strider Knives back in the early 90’s. My first WB was used hard during patrol functions and while I was in a proactive crime suppression bicycle unit. During warrant services, that WB earned the nickname of the “Master Key” for all the breaches and lock busting it was used for. I later worked with Duane Dwyer on a concealment cutting tool for law enforcement use that eventually became the “DB”. I have carried a DB every minute that I have been on duty as a full time Southern California police officer since I took delivery of the first prototype. I have used it for many tasks, and the knife has been a stellar performer.

The DB was so good at destroying aircraft doors that they were issued to every member of our aviation unit as their primary extraction tool in case of a crash. Many of our SWAT officers have spent their own funds on Strider Knives for SWAT operations. Strider fixed blades have also been given as retirement gifts for the most veteran team members.

I carry Strider fixed blades and folders daily, and I am convinced that they are some of the finest edged tools ever made.

More important than the knives are the men behind them. While Mick Strider and Duane Dwyer are the faces of Strider knives, the guys behind the scene in the shop are all great people. Equally, many people are unaware that Mick and Duane are two of the most generous people I know and have donated tens of thousands dollars to numerous Military, Law Enforcement, and children’s charities. They have also helped out many deserving warriors take the highest quality tools to war, even if they couldn’t afford it. While Mick and Duane have been the targets of a lot of jealous stone throwing over the years, their reputation among the real “doers” in the military and law enforcement community is that of well deserved respect.

Keep up the good work
Darryl Bolke


Back in 1999, while attending a gun show in Las Vegas, NV, I happened upon this maniacal madman hacking a folding chair to pieces with one of the knives he was selling. Having seen the demonstration in person, I was floored by the performance of these tools. I had to have one. I picked up my first of many Strider Knives. This knife served me well, until tragically, it decided to leave my boot sheath, in flight, up on the Iraqi/Kuwaiti border. Severely depressed I had lost such a great tool, I emailed Mick, from the AOR about acquiring a replacement. As an E-4 at the time, I was not in the financial position to spend full price on another knife. However, Mick, knowing this, offered me another knife at half price, completely disregarding the fact that I had lost the knife through my own stupidity. Since then, I have carried over a dozen different types of knives made by Strider. Each one has been of the highest quality. I have never had one fail, even when performing acts that would cause most manufacturers to void any warranty. Strider unconditionally guarantees their tools for life, but I doubt that I'll ever have to use it. Their knives have helped me survive three combat tours and a variety of non-combat deployments. My tools helped me save 72 people during Hurricane Katrina rescue missions as well. We have issued Strider Knives to our Aircrew at both Rescue Squadrons I have been assigned. Quite simply, they are the best tools in the business and are made by some of the best people in the business. Every time I fly, a Strider goes with me. I will not have it any other way.

Ryan Renuart, TSgt, USAFR
Aerial Gunner
"These Things We Do That Others May Live"


"After the helo leaves there is not much i can absolutly count on, radios fail, plans change, batteries die. Its reassuring to have a few things that you KNOW wont fail or quit on you- your Ranger buddies, your weapon and my Strider knives. In that environment you can solve just about any problem with a rifle and a good knife and my Striders never caused me, or anyone else to doubt that logic. These days its rare to find a product or the team behind it that can even compare to what you get with a Strider, and these are the days when we need that the most."



I got a little nostalgic the other day thinking about my old Kerambit. I got mine before my 2nd deployment to Iraq. I knew it was a solid knife, but I had no idea! I was blown up on Jan 1 2005, lost both of my legs and an eye. One of my guys found my knife about 50 meters away, still in the sheath and in perfect condition. I let him keep it to carry on the fight. I do miss having it on my body, think I might just buy another someday.

Thanks for great work!



I am a plt sgt for a Marine Scout Sniper Plt in Afghanstain. I recently was able to get my hands on enough Strider SMFs for everyone in my platoon.

This isn't my first Strider but it is for the majority of my Marines. Needless to say they were blown away with the quality of your product and everyone is proudly wearing their new Strider. If I can I'd like to take a picture of all 24 of us and send it into you all. Thanks again for making a product that can actually withstand the abuse that special operators demand of their gear.

Respectfully-Sgt Tyler Brown


Dear Duane and Strider Team:

I cant thank you enough for the amazing support you gave to Team 5. Also thank you for introducing me to a great American company of Lens Light. We carried the Striders every where we went and they were used as knives and tools and as usual were flawless. We used them to cut down trees and vines to make litters, build structures, eat and kill ugly poisonous spiders...

I would like to enclose a letter of appreciation to you and your team for helping make a successful mission. We have now numbered your knives/tools for future missions so we can keep accountability.

I hope Strider can continue to support T5 in the future and would love a machete... it would be very helpful! Check out our web site and also our facebook because Strider is all over it!!

Your a great friend!

Eric "Hammer" L.